DARIC is a programming language inspired by microcomputer BASICs of the 1980s.

Programming should be fun, and immediate. DARIC is designed around the idea of batteries included, once installed there are no other dependencies. A few lines of code to create interactive, graphical, FUN programs!

DARIC is in active development, with a native version for Windows and Mac computers and a modern HTML5 online version compiling to WebAssembly and using WebGL.

All Versions

• BASIC dialect inspired by 8 bit machines

• Standard library

• Simple to use 3D engine

• Several examples programs and demos with source


• Runs on Windows or Mac

• Interactive environment with code editor

• Language reference manual within DARIC itself

• Excellent runtime performance with an LLVM based compiler

• OpenGL3 hardware accelerated 2D & 3D graphics


• Runs on all major browsers

• Compiles to WebAssembly. Fast!